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IYW Sees $61.7 Billion in Fund Inflows in Trailing 1 Month

Adam Rogers

Technology ETFs: An Overview of Fund Flows over the Past 12 Months

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Overview of IYW

The iShares US Technology ETF (IYW) tracks a market-cap-weighted portfolio of US technology companies. IYW tracks the performance of 148 publicly listed companies in the technology sector. The market capitalization of IYW is $2.8 billion with an expense ratio of 0.45%. The average daily volume of shares traded is $23.8 million. The PE (price-to-earnings) ratio is 19.89x. Its PB (price-to-book) and distribution yields stand at 4.25x and 1.1%, respectively.

IYW’s top five holdings are Apple (AAPL) at 18.8%, Microsoft (MSFT) at 11.6%, Facebook Class A Shares (FB) at 6.4%, Alphabet Class A (GOOGL) at 5.9%, and Alphabet Class C (GOOGL) at 5.8%. These companies make up more than 45% of IYW’s total portfolio. Apple comprises 13.0% of the Power Shares QQQ ETF (QQQ) as well.

Fund flows in IYW

In the trailing one month, net fund inflows for the iShares US Technology ETF (IYW) have been $61.7 million. In the trailing 12-month (or TTM) period, net fund outflows were -$2.3 billion.

Fund flows in the trailing one week and trailing three months (quarterly) for IYW were $11.1 million and $88.1 million, respectively. Since October 15, 2015, IYW has been trading consistently above its moving averages. Since then, net fund inflows in IYW have been $164.2 million.

IYW generated investor returns of 7.1% in the trailing 12-month period and -0.48% in the trailing one-month period. In comparison, it generated 18% returns in the trailing three-year period, 7.1% YTD (year-to-date), and 10% in the last three months. We can see that as the ETF generates positive returns, fund outflows increase.

Moving averages

On December 9, 2015, IYW closed the trading day at $109.11. Based on this figure, here’s how the stock fares in terms of its moving averages:

  • 4% above its 100-day moving average of $105.19
  • 1% above its 50-day moving average of $107.63
  • 0.51% below its 20-day moving average of $109.67

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