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Jack Dorsey Thinks Checkout Receipts Are The Next New 'Publishing Medium'

Caroline Moss

jack dorsey

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey spoke at the National Retail Federation expo in New York, sharing his visions for a future in which cash register receipts are a medium for publishing.

Yes, we're talking about those little slips of paper you get handed at the checkout.

BuzzFeed stopped by the expo and caught a little of Dorsey's speech:

"What if we see the receipt more as a publishing medium — a product unto itself that people actually want to take home, that they want to engage with, be fully interactive with?" Dorsey asked a room of people at the Javits Center today during the National Retail Federation's annual expo.

"What can we do with this everyday tool?" he said. "What can we build into this canvas that's actually valuable, that's independent of the product you just sold? What can you give in this communication channel, this publishing medium, that people want to engage with?


Another way retailers could better use receipts is by adding their Twitter handle to them, he said.

via Valleywag

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