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jackassbanker.com Completes 90-Day Public Trading Demonstration

Theoretical Model Portfolio +124%

NEW YORK, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- jackassbanker.com announced its free, 90-day public demonstration of trading in its Theoretical Model Portfolio ended June 24, 2019.  During this time, the Portfolio publicly posted to the Jackass Banker website approximately 70 theoretical trades.  Theoretical execution prices were corroborated via a "time-stamp" using Google Mail to provide a window and trail into price execution.  At the end of the demonstration, the Model Portfolio had risen over 124% (Over 500% annualized).

While managing the portfolio, Jackass Banker incorporated risk management techniques and trend alerts from the Black-Box system across multiple asset classes.  This assisted in determining market selection and in helping to manage investing activities.  Jackass Banker believes the Black Box was vital to the success of this theoretical trading exercise, especially because it was used to help manage a Portfolio which invested in leveraged instruments.

The large number of trades demonstrated a full-range of Black-Box capability.  "Our Black-Box covers 44 US market sectors, however in my mind, there is no reason it couldn't be adapted to other major markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Paris, etc.,"  said Robert Kelly, the founder of Jackass Banker and the creator of the Black-Box system.

The 90-day trading demonstration covered wide ground, which included commodities, futures and currency trading in the following markets:  gold, silver, corn, wheat, soybeans, heating oil, the S&P-emini futures, the Nasdaq 100 futures, feeder cattle, lean hogs, sugar, coffee, orange juice, the Mexican Peso, the Turkish Lira, the Euro, the Brazilian Real, the British Pound, and U.S. Treasury futures contracts.

Mr. Kelly continued, "The 'Black-Box' is quite flexible.  It can issue both bullish and bearish signals without human emotion and it proved to be an invaluable tool over the last 90-days.  Frankly, it is scary to publicly post and maintain your trading conviction over such a long period.  We don't know of many places which will publish their trades for the entire world to see, within minutes of execution across a managed portfolio.  Using our unique "time stamp" on trades via Google Mail, our hope was to provide transparency and accountability during the 90-day period."  The trades are a matter of public record and posted on the website.

Jackass Banker's success complements the theoretical trading exercise it conducted in 2018.  Last year, in another educational effort, Mr. Kelly published via detailed blog at jackassbanker.com, numerous theoretical trades within a model portfolio.  He also used the Black-Box System as his guide, and in the eight-week period April 10-June 5 2018, that theoretical portfolio rose 84% (500% annualized). 

When asked if the Black-Box System was for sale, Mr. Kelly responded, "It's always a bull market somewhere and everything has a price; however, Jackass Banker is most interested in building a great company and finding a hedge fund partner to back us."

Jackass Banker, LLC warns that trading, or investing, in leveraged instruments across currency, financial and commodity markets is highly risky.  It is impossible to replicate the success of ivory-tower teaching exercises like those found at Jackass Banker, especially in real-life trading.  Jackass Banker's theoretical Black-Box System benefits from hindsight, while using leverage---and leverage can cause great losses, especially when trading futures, foreign exchange, debt, equities, commodities, cryptocurrency, etc.  Many other risks abound, and as a result, Jackass Banker's Black-Box Model and trading philosophy are designed for institutions and sophisticated investors.  Everyone should read the risk disclosures at the National Futures Association  and other regulatory groups, as well as  jackassbanker.com's 'WARNING & RISK DISCLOSURES' page (prominently displayed on our web site) before engaging in any investing, or trading activity.  Neither Jackass Banker LLC, nor Robert Kelly, are registered financial, or commodities trading advisors and do not provide individual investment advice.

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