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Jacksam Corporation/Convectium Provides Update on Vaping and Positioning Within Industry


Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) (the “Company” or “Jacksam/Convectium”), an automation solutions company providing machines and equipment to legalized and licensed CBD and THC companies, is providing an update on where the company is positioned and how it is reacting to the current environment in the vape industry.

There have been two major issues in the news regarding vaping which has caused the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to ban all vaping sales for four months:

  1. The use of e-cigarettes, particularly by teenagers, has risen dramatically recently and companies such as JUUL have come under increased pressure regarding their practices of attracting teens to use the products. Today, the CEO of JUUL resigned from his position amid the criminal investigation by the U.S. Government.
  2. As of today, there have been 530 documented cases and potentially 7 deaths caused by an acute respiratory illness reportedly tied to vaping both nicotine and THC products.

With regards to the recent news, Jacksam/Convectium’s proprietary line of automated vape cartridge equipment was developed exclusively for the filling/capping of cannabis/CBD-based products and the Company has no plans to develop and/or sell products for use with nicotine-based vaping products. Furthermore, Jacksam/Convectium maintains a strict policy of working only with fully licensed and state regulated vendors engaged in the processing and/or co-packing of cannabis/CBD-based products. We believe any practices that would persuade underage teenagers to engage in the use of any nicotine-related product to be reprehensible.

Commenting on the temporary ban in Massachusetts via Twitter, Shaleen Title, one of the five members of Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission, stated: “This is a terrible decision. Purposely pushing people into the illicit market - precisely where the dangerous products are - goes against every principle of public health and harm reduction. It is dangerous, short-sighted, and undermines the benefits of legal regulation.”

Jacksam/Convectium offers filling machines, capping machines and ancillary products to the CBD and THC LEGALIZED industry. While Cannabis is still federally illegal, 11 states have legalized the products and 33 states have allowed medical usage of the products. Commenting on Jacksam/Convectium’s position, CEO Mark Adams stated: “Our ecosystem of customers and partners currently provides products to the legal and licensed industry. Legalized production includes extensive testing of products to ensure high quality, safety and child resistant packaging. A vast majority of the recent respiratory cases in the CBD/THC industry have come from black market producers and distributors, primarily caused by using thickening agents such as vitamin E acetate.”

Adams further commented: “Individual states have made great strides over the past few years in taking market share away from the black market enterprises and by banning vaping, states are allowing nontested black market vaping products to take back all of the share that has been attained by legal and tested products. Furthermore, we fully support additional measures by individual states to create further testing requirements and regulations. Recent actions by individual states are weaponizing the black market operators with the ability to take market share from licensed producers to untested and unregulated products and creates more health risk for citizens and consumers in those states.”

About Jacksam/Convectium (Convectium)

Convectium is an automation solutions provider that designs and markets patented filling and capping machines for the cannabis industry. Built in the U.S., Convectium offers the only UL certified machines that work with nearly any commercially available cartridge, POD, vape or other container. On average, Convectium customers increase output by up to 60 times over hand filling as they reduce risk, costs and waste, and quickly get custom branded products onto dispensary shelves. Over 200 top CBD and THC concentrate companies rely on Convectium automation solutions.

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