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Jaden's Voice And Prism Therapeutic Consulting Hosted Autism Training At Philadelphia's District Attorney's Office

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday, October 10, 2019, Terri Matthews, CEO and Founder of Jaden's Voice, Inc along with Stephanie Graaf and Kimberly McGinley, Founders of Prism Therapeutic Consulting met with DA Larry Krasner, First Assistant DA Robert Listenbee, and Chief of Staff, Arun Prabhakaran to host an autism awareness training for the District Attorney's Office and their new prosecutors.

Autism continues to be the fastest-growing developmental disorder worldwide and yet the most underfunded. Recent rates in the U.S. alone have increased to 1 in 59 amongst 8-year old children. History has shown that disability awareness and autism sensitivity is an area that needs more education and training in the business, judicial and law enforcement communities.                                     

Autism is not a mental illness so therefore it is adjudicated in a neurotypical court and the ability to have this type of training and preparation is a distinct advantage for the City of Philadelphia, the residents of Philadelphia and the families.

The training was titled "Autism: The Truths, The Myths and the Understanding." This collaboration is the start of a relationship of change! The availability by the DA's office to comprehend autism spectrum disorder both expertly as a result of their jobs and actually in light of the fact that his staff has children on the spectrum is progress for everyone. It is our desire to build better relationships between the judicial system and law enforcement on behalf of families impacted by autism.

"This collaboration to bring a wholistic approach to meet the needs of the Philadelphia autism community builds trust, sensitivity and inclusion in the lives of families and individuals on the spectrum," stated Terri Matthews

About Jaden's Voice

Jaden's Voice is a national 501(c)3 charity that provides support to families and people directly impacted by autism. Its ultimate mission is to create a world that is aware of autism, provides accommodation and is inclusive to individuals living with autism spectrum disorder. To learn more about Jaden's Voice, visit http://www.jadensvoice.org/.  For online autism support, please watch new show covering all things autism at www.youtube.com/OnTheSpectrumTM

About Prism Therapeutic Consulting
The philosophy of Prism is one of collaboration— whether as a clinician, an educator, a corporate leader, policymaker, or law enforcer, we bring our combined perspectives together. Prism works collaboratively with teams in creating a well-informed workplace community and culture of adaptability, acceptance, and strengths-based mindsets. To learn more about Prism Therapeutic Consulting visit https://www.prismtherapeutic.com/


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