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Jake Gyllenhaal Was A Real Life Superhero And Allegedly Saved A Dog's Life After It Ran Into Traffic

Lynne Versluys


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A Summer Playing A Super Villain

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been a Hollywood A-lister for a number of years, but he spent the summer promoting his super powered role as the villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Best known for his indie roles, it was fun to see Gyllenhaal in a blockbuster that was actually good (the less said about Prince of Persia the better).

He followed that up with a stint on Broadway in the play Sea Wall/A Life, earning rave reviews.

A Real Life Good Guy

While in New York, Gyllenhaal had a chance to play a real life super hero, allegedly saving a Great Dane from traffic.

According to Page Six, Gyllenhaal saw a frightened Harlequin Great Dane at a busy intersection in Tribeca that had gotten away from its owner. The dog was frozen in fear, and when it refused to come when he called, Gyllenhaal took a risk and moved into traffic to save the dog.

A Happy Ending

Gyllenhaal calmed the dog down after the scary ordeal, and according to a witness, "Gyllenhaal even took a moment to talk to the stricken dog owner about different types of leashes that might prevent the scary situation from happening again."

All's well that ends well! Jake continues to be the movie star of our dreams, on or offscreen.