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Jake T. Davidson Turned Social Media Into a 2 Million Follower Network

·3 mins read

Jake T. Davidson, a highschool senior, shares his outlook on the multifaceted impact of online interactions. He also reveals his mindset on why social media isn't so bad after all.

WALNUT, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 18, 2020 / When talking about Gen Z, we tend to think of these relatively trivial digital media platforms. Teenagers frequently use platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and a plethora of others to post dance videos and selfies. While social media may seem like an unnecessarily outlet for procrastination, a select few have begun to value these platforms beyond their face value.

At its roots, Davidson notes that the web is more than just a meaningless tool used by the younger generation. In his words, "why do we use the internet? For something to survive as a mainstream commodity for decades on end, it must hold some form of inherent value. The internet is our gateway to the entire world, and that's why we should look at it as a tool for networking that stems far beyond the surface that we see in our Instagram feed."

In Davidson's world, he uses his Instagram account (@JakeTDV) to build connections with other video creators, editors, and public figures alike. Davidson uses his media expertise as a tool with multiple outlets that prepare him for life after high school and college. For starters, he's earned years of experience as the manager of multiple large Instagram niche pages, scaling up to 1.7 million followers at times. His ability to monitor and entertain millions of people have introduced him to the corporate world of being a community manager, a skill that he hopes will serve his later endeavors.

Davidson believes that the possibilities of the internet are constantly overlooked, and he hopes to shed light on the benefits that his online presence has earned him. He notes that the passive income you can earn online is a great way for young entrepreneurs to earn experience with customer support, negotiation, marketing, and administrative control. In short, Davidson owns and manages a multitude of Instagram niche pages for himself and his clients, allowing him to make money from the 3 step process of posting something on Instagram. His ability to grow audiences from scratch has helped him build a strong prowess for digital management and community growth.

Interestingly enough, Davidson harbors a multitude of strong opinions about the downsides of social media. He notes "​whenever I see a rude comment on my videos, it still offends me to a certain extent. However, I've established strategies of blocking out the noise. If I know a post is controversial, I won't look at the responses. A lot of my posts are simply meant for discussion, but I receive negative energy even though I just posed the question." Although he views social media as a creative outlet for teenagers his age, he wants to work towards building a positive culture around the way that we react to things online. Davidson believes that social media is the ultimate networking tool, and he hopes to shed light on the progressive possibilities that we can yearn from our online peers.

Contact Info:
Name: Jake T. Davidson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Davidson Media LLC.
Address: 340 S Lemon Ave #7421 Walnut, CA 91789
Phone: (669) 254-2243
Website: https://www.instagram.com/jaketdv/

SOURCE: Jake T. Davidson

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