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James Corden Makes Iggy Azalea and Kate Mara Flinch on ‘The Late Late Show’

James Corden was joined by a bevy of beautiful ladies on The Late Late Show for a startlingly fun game of Flinch. Lily James, Kate Mara, Jane Krakowski, and Iggy Azalea all took a shot at staying straight faced and they all failed, or somewhat succeeded, to varying degrees. Also, each was given a martini to try to keep from spilling at the same time.

Jane Krakowski definitely flinched on The Late Late Show. (Photo: CBS)

Baby Driver actress Lily James went first. Corden praised her fearless past performances and lulled her into a conversation before letting what appeared to be an apple rip. James was far from not flinching, and far from not swearing on national television, but she held onto her drink, and that’s what’s really important.

Kate Mara is currently starring as the title character in the war drama Megan Leavey. Surely she could handle a little fruit hurtling toward her at a tremendous rate of speed. Plus, Mara’s played this game before, so she knew to expect the fruit to fly when she least expected it, which is exactly what happened.

Corden didn’t even bother lulling Jane Krakowski into a conversation. As soon as she stepped behind the barrier he let it fly, resulting in maybe the best reaction of the game.

And rapper Iggy Azalea was incredibly nervous. So nervous, in fact, she was shaking. She was also so nervous she made quite the odd comparison.

“I’m shaking like I’m meeting Michael Jackson or something,” Azalea said.

Despite seemingly being the most nervous, Azalea actually had the smallest reaction when the fruit finally flew.

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