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James Corden, Seth Rogen, and Dominic Cooper Surprise People with Pizza and Wrestling

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Seth Rogen joined James Corden on The Late Late Show to surprise-deliver pizza to customers around Los Angeles, but what many of them got was way better than pizza. The two offered customers the option of the Mystery Box, which included some strange prizes.

One prize was James Corden wrestling Preacher star Dominic Cooper while both were in wrestling singlets. They really gave it a go and flopped each other on the ground until Cooper pinned Corden.

Another group won the most epic Instagram party ever. Corden gave out party hats and took pictures with the guest. Things escalated quickly. Corden arranged photos of him pouring tequila into a partygoer’s mouth, posing in a shirtless man-sandwich, and even eating pizza with a leather-bound gimp while the rest of the party was passed out.

The lesson learned here is if James Corden comes to the door with pizza, opt for the mystery box.

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