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James Corden’s 'It' is scary bad at I.T.

The Late Late Show With James Corden parodied the hugely successful horror film It. In the sketch, a man called for the I.T. department at work to help him with his computer and Pennywise terrifyingly appeared. Dressed as the murderous clown, James Corden admitted, “I see the problem — you called the I.T. department and I’m ‘It.’”

He then tried to help the man with his computer but couldn’t help but scare him by appearing in his file drawer and allowing his scary red balloon to float behind the computer monitor.

Freddy Kreuger made an appearance as the actual I.T. expert and helped to solve the problem (by slashing the computer with his metal claws).

The lesson learned here is, don’t let your computer freeze while working at CBS.

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