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Mariners pitcher James Paxton celebrated his birthday with a delightfully weird dance

Mariners pitcher James Paxton getting ready to throw a pitch, and not practicing his birthday dance. (AP Photo)

Everyone likes to celebrate their birthday differently. An intimate dinner with friends, or a party with a lot of people, or even an evening in bed with a bottle of wine and a movie, those are all great ways to celebrate a birthday.

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But how do you hype yourself up for a birthday celebration, no matter what it is? Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton has his own way:

It was Paxton’s 29th birthday on Monday, and this video appeared on the Instagram of his wife, Katie Paxton. In the background of the video, you can see metallic streamers and balloons, so it looks like Paxton was gearing up for a birthday party, and we hope it went well.

Sadly, the video has no sound, so we’re not able to hear what tune Paxton was flapping his arms to. But that doesn’t take away from the sheer weird wonderfulness of that short video clip.

Actually, Paxton’s dance looks suspiciously like a dance called the “Donkey Roll,” from the Andy Samberg movie “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.”

If the video of Paxton dancing lasted another few seconds, we might have seen him doing the rest of the “Donkey Roll,” which includes a lot of pointing in various directions.

“Donkey Roll” or not, we hope Paxton had a great 29th birthday. Maybe he’ll gift us with more of his dance videos in the year to come.

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