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Jan. 24 Takeaways and Adds Pod

Mike Gallagher

We have a whole lot going on these days with the Mavs changing their rotations because of the Dwight Powell injury. We'll go over what to do about adds and who could see their value change in Dallas.

Trevor Ariza also was awesome in his Blazers debut while Damian Lillard is lighting it up right now. Thursday also had some big takeaways with Larry Nance going off while we take a look on what's up with the Wizards rotation.

Josh Richardson, Jayson Tatum and Enes Kanter are hurting in the Atlantic, so there are a few great adds to make there.

Plus, we'll go over all the other adds from the last couple days while getting you ready for the upcoming deadline. Oh and Zion Williamson made his debut on Wednesday, so we'll talk about what to expect from him and the other Pelicans.