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Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC) shines at the Counter Terror Awards


JTIC wins the Information Sharing Award for its 2018 Global Attack Index.

IHS Markit (INFO), a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions, today announced that its Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC) had been awarded the Information Sharing Award at the Counter Terror Awards.

JTIC, which monitors the activity of more than 1,000 non-state armed groups (NSAGs), was recognised at the Security and Counter Terror Expo, Olympia, London, winning the Information Sharing Award for its 2018 Global Attack Index. The award recognizes an organization which has developed and introduced an effective information sharing strategy.

The attack index is an annual report which highlights the trends in terrorist activity collated by JTIC from a comprehensive range of local, national and international sources. The data driving the report is available to the public here.

“We’re delighted that JTIC has received this award,” said Matthew Henman, Head of JTIC at IHS Markit. “Since 2009, we have recorded over 350,000 terrorist and insurgency events, and we continue to offer insight and analysis to explain the context and driving forces behind global unrest, insurgency and terrorist activities.”

Key findings from the 2018 Global Attack Index report

  • Islamic State attacks decreased by almost three-quarters and resultant fatalities by over 50%, although the group remained the deadliest worldwide in terms of number of non-militant fatalities caused.
  • Syria dropped to the second highest country in terms of recorded attacks, with attacks falling by almost two-thirds and resultant fatalities falling by almost half.
  • In contrast to the overall downward trend, attacks in Ukraine increased by almost one-fifth as it rose to be the most violent country in terms of recorded attacks.
  • Afghanistan became the deadliest country worldwide in terms of recorded non-militant fatalities, with attacks rising by almost one-third and a significant 80% increase in fatalities.
  • JTIC recorded violent activity by non-state armed groups in 90 countries worldwide in 2018, down from 116 in 2017.

About IHS Markit (www.ihsmarkit.com)

IHS Markit (INFO) is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. The company delivers next-generation information, analytics and solutions to customers in business, finance and government, improving their operational efficiency and providing deep insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. IHS Markit has more than 50,000 business and government customers, including 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 and the world’s leading financial institutions. Headquartered in London, IHS Markit is committed to sustainable, profitable growth.

About Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC)

Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC), an IHS Markit product, uses open source data to build a global database of attacks by non-state armed groups in addition to counter-terrorism operations and key statements by state and non-state actors. The database enables users to search by location, target, group (active and dormant), tactics and casualty numbers in order to quickly obtain actionable intelligence and/or data. The database includes over 350,000 events since 2009 and tracks over 1,000 separate non-state armed groups worldwide.

JTIC insight and analysis serves a wide range of clients, including a broad spectrum of the national security sector and an extensive list of corporate clients, providing timely, relevant, and trusted information. This is delivered in multiple formats to align with user workflows, encompassing data, reports, news and daily insights, as well as in-depth intelligence briefings.

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