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Janet Yellen and Ivanka Trump had breakfast together in July

Jacob Pramuk

Fed Chair Janet Yellen had breakfast with President Donald Trump 's daughter and advisor Ivanka in July, shortly before he said the central bank chief was "in the running" for another term. The July 17 meeting, which is listed on a publicly available schedule, was first reported by Bloomberg on Monday. Trump is considering whether to keep Yellen on as Fed chair when her term expires in February. As a candidate, he heavily criticized Yellen for what he called keeping interest rates low to help his predecessor President Barack Obama . Later in July, Trump told The Wall Street Journal that Yellen is doing a good job and is in the running to stay on as Fed chief. Trump considered his chief economic advisor Gary Cohn for the job, but the president has reportedly soured on that prospect after Cohn criticized his response to violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia last month.

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