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Japan whistleblower wins in Supreme Court

TOKYO (AP) -- Japan's Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a whistleblower, dismissing the appeal of his employer Olympus Corp.

Masaharu Hamada said he received the notice from the nation's highest court Saturday for the decision dated Thursday.

Hamada's Supreme Court victory is the first for a whistleblower in Japan. It highlights the harsh treatment whistleblowers endure in a nation that zealously values corporate loyalty.

Hamada sued Tokyo-based camera and medical equipment maker Olympus in 2008. He said he relayed a supplier's complaint that its best employees were being lured away by Olympus and then he was transferred as punishment.

Last year, the Tokyo High Court reversed an earlier district court decision and ordered Olympus to pay Hamada 2.2 million yen ($28,000) in damages for the transfer. Olympus had appealed.