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Japanese Yen Denominated Government Bonds Sail into Uncharted Territory as China Central Bank Buys Gold: Experienced Portfolio Manager Sees Greater Investment Uncertainty Demands Response

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In the following excerpt from the Investing in Gold and Value for Downside Protection Report, an experienced asset manager discusses his investment philosophy and market outlook:

...The Japanese have now embarked on a program of devaluing the yen in order to create some inflation. They're tired of 20 years of deflation and stagnant nominal GDP. But careful what you wish for. They may trigger a debt bomb. They have been able to finance themselves even at a 240% debt-to-GDP ratio, but demographically, they've turned the corner now. Their population is shrinking, and they have aged to the point where there is no longer going to be an internal demand for Japanese government bonds. They are going to be liquidating them, and if they go to the global markets they are not going to be able to finance themselves at 80 basis points.

The world financial markets are going to want 200, 300, 400 basis points. Japan will be bankrupt. They are already running a fiscal deficit and a trade deficit, and they're going to find out the downside of the cheap yen. While a cheaper yen makes the Lexus more affordable abroad, the Japanese import 95% of their energy and will have to pay for it with a devalued yen. They've made it worse by shutting down their nuclear industry after the Fukushima incident.

We don't think the coast is clear yet. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and the gold position is in portfolios just in case things do go terribly wrong.

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