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Jared Odrick strangely describes Bears TE Paulsen

Jacob Infante
Jared Odrick

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up the victory against the Chicago Bears on the road this week. Thanks to a solid defensive performance, their offense was able to get themselves back in the game. One of multiple players who had good games was defensive end Jared Odrick. He ended up with three tackles on the day. However, he ended up with an unnecessary roughness call on Bears tight end Logan Paulsen. After the game, Odrick has some choice words to describe Paulsen.

“I don’t like [No.] 82,” Odrick SAID TO Florida Times-Union REPORTER RYAN O’HALLORAN after the game. “You can put that down. Eight-two doesn’t play the game the right way. He antagonizes. He’s literally a barnacle.”

For those of you who need refreshing, a barnacle is a sea creature that is related crabs and lobsters. It’s also a substitute for a swear word used in SpongeBob Squarepants. This may mean that Odrick is using it instead of a worse name, or he’s just being strange.

That isn’t all he had to say about Paulsen, though. He went on to say that the former Redskins tight end is essentially useless.

“I probably took out some anger because of watching [Paulsen] on tape,” he said. “He doesn’t block well. He can’t catch passes. He’s a role player just like I’m a role player but his role is to antagonize and get in the way. When guys speak to the referees after every time they get touched, that’s why I called him out. He doesn’t play football the right way or like myself or anybody else around me has played football.”

You can certainly tell he won’t be inviting Paulsen over to his birthday party any time soon.

In the end though, Odrick got the last laugh – the Jags snuck out of Soldier Field with a 17-16 win. The Jaguars are now almost at .500 and the Bears, well, are still the Bears.

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