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Jay Cutler explains why he did nothing during the Dolphins' wildcat play

By now the city of Miami is fully immersed in the Jay Cutler Experience.

It has seen as many touchdowns (two) thrown by Cutler as interceptions, it has seen him take nine sacks for a combined loss of 66 yards and it has seen him stand on the field and do virtually nothing.

That last part, it appears, is actually part of the game plan.

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During last week’s shutout loss to New Orleans in London, the Miami Dolphins came out in the wildcat formation with Cutler posted up near the sideline as a wide receiver. And boy oh boy did he sell it. The quarterback stood there with his hands on his hips looking like a character out of “The Replacements.” If there was ever a time for him to embrace his alter ego and light up a cigarette on the field, that was it.

So what on Earth was Cutler doing on that play? Allow him to explain:

Nailed it.

Clearly, Miami doesn’t want to endure any more quarterback issues with Ryan Tannehill already recovering from an ACL tear, but this is just a tad too precautious.

On the bright side, Cutler’s reputation just got a big boost. You can’t let anyone say he isn’t coachable.

The Dolphins are 1-2 on the year.

Jay Cutler gets ready to throw a pass against the Saints giving Dolphins fans reason to hold their breath. (Getty Images)

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