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Jeb Bush's money trail, Elon Musk's space internet and oil on the rise

It's a rally Wednesday with all major stock indices (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) solidly in the green. Is this the breakout we've been waiting for? Probably not, but we'll keep an eye on it just in case.

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Here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is watching today.

Crude pops
Crude prices are up today as the government reports weekly U.S. inventories sank by 6.8 million barrels. In addition, research by BP shows America has surpassed Russia as the world's biggest producer of oil and gas combined.

Jeb Bush's money trail
Jeb Bush is set to announce he's running for President on Monday, but he is already playing role of candidate. Bush is now touring Europe, calling for a stronger U.S. stance against Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Student loans and U.S. taxpayers
One issue the next President may have to deal with: more trouble with government-backed student loans. Bloomberg is reporting a refinancing boom is underway driven by private lenders. But there's a catch--  they only want successful graduates with professional degrees.  And that leaves more risky borrowers on the government loan portfolio, putting taxpayers at risk when they default.

Out of this world wide web
Elon Musk is at the cutting edge again. The entrepreneur behind Tesla and the Hyperloop train is now seeking permission to expand his already significant reach into space. Musk's SpaceX franchise is asking the federal government to allow testing on a way to beam the internet from ships in orbit.

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