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Jeep's Twitter Got Hacked Today

Jeep's Twitter got hacked today.

Like the Burger King hacking yesterday, the hackers included some McDonald's images. The avatar photo was changed to the Cadillac symbol (which has since been taken down).

The hackers appeared to have control over the account for more than an hour, but now Jeep appears to have taken back over.

Here's how it looked right after the hacking:

One of the tweets read: "We just got sold to @Cadillac because we caught our employees doing this in the bathroom" and showed a man with a prescription pill bottle.

Another says "Sorry guys, no more Jeep production because we caught our CEO doing this," and shows a man who appears to be smoking a joint.

Cadillac just tweeted to say it's not connected to the hacking:

Hacker group Anonymous appeared to take credit for the hacking yesterday, although reports have been conflicting.

The group tweeted to acknowlege the hacking:

The tweets have many of the characteristics of Burger King yesterday, including the McDonald's messages and word "WORLDSTAR."

The Burger King tweets featured the hashtag "#OPMadCow." So far, it's unclear why Jeep was targeted.

Gizmodo is reporting that this DJ from New England could be the hacker.

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