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Jeff Brodsky Is Less Than 60 Days Away from a Record-breaking Journey

Jeff Brodsky Is Less Than 60 Days Away from a Record-breaking Journey

Jeff Brodsky Is Less Than 60 Days Away from a Record-breaking Journey

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JOY International Founder and President to bike across the US barefoot to raise awareness to human trafficking.

CONIFER, Colo., Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- For almost ten years, Jeff Brodsky has gone barefoot—all over the world, in any weather—to bring awareness to and rescue victims of human trafficking. He has led ten, 101-mile walks across Death Valley, performed as Snuggles the Love Clown, and in 1983, he rode a bicycle from California to New York City. On April 1, 2020, at 67 years of age and after two heart attacks, Brodsky will embark on another cross-country bike ride from Disneyland in California to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. There is no one on record who has attempted to bicycle that far in bare feet.

Brodsky's non-profit, JOY International, reported several hundred rescues this past year, including a 21-month-old baby who had been kidnapped. JOY International employs a Director of Global Police Training and Tactical Operations who has trained Special Forces Anti-Human Trafficking Police and SWAT teams. Their training techniques for airport personnel to spot potential human traffickers recently resulted in the rescue of a 9-year-old girl in the parking lot of an Alaskan airport. 

"My motivation for bicycling barefoot nearly 3,000 miles is simple," says Brodsky. "If I can motivate one person to action to help rescue just one more child from the most heinous crime ever perpetrated on a human being, then every mile will be worth it. I specifically chose the route from Disneyland to Disneyworld because they are known as the happiest places on earth, and the children that are trafficked may never see a Disneyworld park in their lives or anything like it because so many of them will die of disease or commit suicide. Until the last child is rescued and sex trafficking comes to a complete stop, I will be walking around the world in bare feet the rest of my life."

About Dr. Jeff Brodsky:
Dr. Jeff Brodsky is the Founder and President of JOY International, a non-profit organization which exists to be involved in, or help to coordinate, the rescue, restoration, reintegration, and prevention of the commercial sexual exploitation of children, teens, and young women, both domestically and internationally. He has authored a memoir entitled "The Least of These: One Man's Remarkable Journey in the Fight against Child Trafficking" as well as the children's book, "Why are you Barefoot?"  For more information, visit https://www.joy.org/ride or http://www.thebarefootmile.org

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