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How Jeff Lerner Took The Hurdles In His Life And Conquered Them By Using Opportunities To Get To The Top Of The Business World

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2020 / Jeff Lerner was at the end of his rope. He was struggling financially after a few failed careers and running away from debt collectors as he struggled to find the right fit for his career. That is when Jeff discovered the world of affiliate marketing and found his lucky break.

"In November 2008, shortly after closing my restaurants and now fully in hiding from creditors I discovered a course that taught online affiliate marketing. I went all in and for the next few months spent 12 to 16 hours a day on my laptop in the spare bedroom, leaving my room only occasionally to go shoot really cringeworthy marketing videos in the backyard. It worked. Spurred in large part from a confidence that came from having met so many successful people during my piano career I seemed to have just the right blend of desperation, vulnerability, and crazy drive that will push a person out of their comfort zone and into doing all the uncomfortable things that are required to massively turn your life around. 6 months later (May 2009) I generated $40,000 in commissions in a single month. The next month it was $70,000. By the end of that year I was the number 3 affiliate marketer in a community of over 40,000 students. And of the top 10 I was the only one who had neither experience nor a large database when he started," Jeff explains.

Jeff quickly rose to the top of the affiliate marketing world. His skills and ability to get ahead were unmatched by few others. That is when his next big break came. The boss that he had been working for wanted more of a break from day to day business. And although this wasn't the best opportunity for him, it opened up another major one that he took advantage of; a moment to shine came for Jeff Lerner.

"Around that time The CEO of the company whose marketing training I had used to learn affiliate marketing decided he wanted to back off from day-to-day running his business. He needed help, someone he could train to take over the day-to-day operations who knew the business and had the same passion he did for it. I was divorced, debt-free, ready for a new adventure, so it made a ton of sense. I moved to New York and began a grooming process for taking over his business. In hindsight it was a mistake on both our parts to think that I could come in and be his number two. He had kind of an impetuous leadership style that wasn't a fit for me, though I'm not sure any leadership style really would've been at that point in my life. But a great thing did happen during the year (2010) that I was taking over as the head of operations for that company that has enabled much of the success that I've had since. We brought in an operational consultant, a former coach for the E-Myth company, and I studied with him every day for months," Jeff says.

Nothing about Jeff's fast climb to success has slowed down from this moment. He went on to have a family, get an MBA, manage over 80 people, and begin his own business, Entre Institute, to help people build their own life dreams.

"My business is ENTRE Institute - The world's first COMPLETE ecosystem for people to build the life of their dreams. In 2017, the seeds of ENTRE we're born, and by fall of 2018, I was free to focus on it with my full energy. In September 2018 I shot my first marketing video for ENTRE, which I titled "Let's Get Extreme". It was a call to the world to take responsibility, take control over our lives, and become educated about the tools that are freely available to anyone to create any life they want. 1000 videos later I'm still preaching the same message, and in 2 years ENTRE has grown from a single webinar with 14 attendees to a disruptive global company with over 50,000 paid students and an emerging target of $100 million/year in sales (already at $25MM/yr - my 3rd 8 figure business)," Jeff states.

For those hoping to start their own business, Jeff recommends taking advice from those who have been successful in life both personally and professionally. As Jeff remarks, he is proof that anything is possible:

"Basically I'm proof that anyone can do anything if they are willing to go through hell, always working on themselves, and willing to ignore the doubters and naysayers."

To find out more about Jeff, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

Paula Henderson

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