Jeff Lopes Brings a Platform for some of the World’s Top Entrepreneurs to Share their Stories on the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast.

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Jeff Lopes

Jeff Knows Inc.
Jeff Knows Inc.
Jeff Knows Inc.

Toronto, Ontario, Oct. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Serial entrepreneur Jeff Lopes and his team have taken “Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast Show” to the top of the Entrepreneurial podcast chain. Through this podcast, Jeff aims to tell the true-life success stories of some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and businesspersons. The show offers a unique combination of conversation style with an injection of education for the listeners. Jeff says the quality of the guests and stories are two major factors why the show has grown so rapidly into a powerhouse in the entrepreneurial podcast space.

About Jeff Lopes:

Jeff Lopes is an entrepreneur based in Toronto and is the founder of corporations like Kimurawear and TrueBlue Homes.

Jeff started his journey at a young age when registered and began operating his first business before the age of 17. Jeff went on to create and participate in many such brands before 2006 when he started Kimurawear. The brand Kimurawear is dedicated to innovating the Boxing and Martial Arts equipment Industry with the highest quality of products. It has sold well over a quarter-million pairs of boxing gloves since its inception. In 2008 he experienced a life-altering moment that significantly changed his personal life. In Jeff's own words, the moment created a new purpose. Jeff realized quickly to achieve that purpose, family time would become the number one factor. That was the moment Jeff dove headfirst into not working harder, but working smarter by creating passion income. Jeff spent the next few years planning his future ventures. In 2014, he ventured into the vacation rental business market, and TrueBlue Homes was created. TrueBlue Homes quickly grew into a vast portfolio of vacation properties in the beautiful Northern parts of Ontario, Canada. His newest venture is in the full process, he is building a cabin resort in the gorgeous area of Muskoka, Canada.

After all of this, one of his true passions is building a balance between fatherhood/entrepreneurs, this is being achieved with his coaching business. The Jeff Knows Inc Podcast allows that platform to be expanded at a rapid pace.

About Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast Show:

The Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast is a podcast show by Jeff Lopes where he talks about a multitude of subjects all related to the world of business and finance. Through his podcasts, Jeff Lopes offers a platform for entrepreneurs to share lessons and inspiring stories. Jeff also shares his personal experiences and lessons he has learned over his career as an entrepreneur for over 24 years. The goal with the podcast is to educate, guide, and drive entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures and at the same time, offer a great form of entertainment.

You can find out more about Jeff Knows Inc. podcast on its website where you can check out for information on future guests on the podcast and future episodes. This Business Podcast can also be found on all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure.

You can find and follow Jeff Lopes on his social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

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