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Jeffrey Epstein finances revealed: Here’s how much he said he's worth


Jeffrey Epstein, the late disgraced financier accused of sexually abusing young girls in an alleged sex trafficking case, was reportedly worth $559 million in self-reported assets.

Before his death by apparent suicide, Epstein's lawyers appeared at a bail hearing in mid July and said the 66 year old was ready to post as much as $100 million to get out of jail before going on trial.  Prosecutors had argued Epstein’s wealth and access gave him a “limitless” potential to flee.

The judge released court documents, including Epstein's self-reported assets.

Two of his accusers testified at his bail hearing, one who said she was abused at 14 years old in Palm Beach while the other says she was 16 when it happened in New Mexico.

Federal prosecutors revealed they found a fake 1980s passport in Epstein's home with a photo of him listing a Saudi Arabia residence but under a different name. They also raised red flags about a mysterious gap in financial records.

Epstein was long referred to as a billionaire among the rich & famous circles of Palm Beach and New York, but proof of that net worth has been hard to find.


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