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Jeffrey Phillips Phoenix Law Firm Announces Million Dollar Verdict

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2015 / Phillips Law Group, http://www.phillipslaw.com/, has announced that their supervising lawyer, Tim Tonkin, has managed to obtain another million dollar verdict last week. The case was in relation to a personal injury of a policeman. Ledbetter Law Firm defended the case, but Tim Tonkin was able to fight through all of their objections.

Jeffrey Phillips from Phillips Law Group said, "A big congratulations to George Sarkisov and Tim Tonkin for their big win today in Yavapai County!"

The client, a policeman, conducted a routine stop of a school bus. After the check, he exited the bus at which point the driver closed the door on the client. This knocked him out of the bus, causing him to fall on the ground. The policeman had significant injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and orthopedic injuries to his neck and back.

The team for the defense at Ledbetter Law Firm employed scorched earth tactics throughout the case. They hotly disputed both liability and causation. The other side put at issue that there were many pre-existing injuries. They also asserted typical defenses of malingering and secondary gain.

The case first went to mediation, where Ledbetter Law Firm offered $25,000 in a 'take it or leave it' deal. The plaintiff's last Offer of Judgment was $295,000. When mediation failed, the case was tried in front of Judge Paupore in Camp Verde. The jury rapidly came back with their verdict of $1 million.

"I know these guys worked super hard on this case," adds Jeffrey Phillips. "They battled tough facts, a difficult medical history, a conservative jurisdiction, aggressive defense counsel, and a roller coaster of pre-trial rulings. I'll let them go into more detail if they want when they get back from enjoying the cooler weather and the rustic trappings of Camp Verde. Congrats guys!!!!"

The case marks a significant win for Phillips Law Group, but they feel the most important thing is that justice has been done. The financial award will ensure the policeman is compensated for his injuries and medical bills, as well as future earnings. Most importantly, the verdict was more than even they could have hoped for.

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