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Jennifer Lopez Just Cut Her Hair Into an Asymmetrical Bob and I'm Obsessed

Starr Bowenbank
Jennifer Lopez Just Cut Her Hair Into an Asymmetrical Bob and I'm Obsessed

From Country Living

  • Jennifer Lopez just got an asymmetrical bob haircut with blonde highlights.
  • She! Looks! Great!!!

Jennifer Lopez is obviously a queen in so many different areas in her life. She is a master at dancing, is an iconic singer and actress, and she slays her fashion looks with every single red carpet event she goes to. But allll that aside, J. Lo consistently kills it with her beauty, especially when it comes to her hair.

On Instagram this week, the superstar showed off a brand new cut ahead of winter’s arrival, and I am honestly shook at how stunning it looks on her. J.Lo—courtesy of celebrity hairstylist and Kardashian favorite, Chris Appleton—got a side-parted, layered asymmetrical bob with blonde highlights.

The coolest thing about J.Lo’s highlights is that they directly frame the sides of her head instead of consistently flowing throughout her mane, making it look like the pieces were touched with gold or something. Ever heard of “money pieces”? No, it’s not ripped-away pieces of hundred dollar bills...it’s when there’s two bright pieces of color concentrated at the front of the hair. Beyoncé did it, J.Lo just did it, and now I’m seriously considering doing it. You should too!

The asymmetrical bob is a bit of a departure for J.Lo—she recently rocked her hair in a sleek, blunt bob cut and has been fluctuating from the bob to long extensions bouncing with subtle curls. I mean, here she was with the blunt cut literally four days ago:

Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images

And here she was at the beginning of the month, hair flowing with ~inches~:

Photo credit: John Parra - Getty Images

To my dear hair stylist Olga, if you’re reading this, please stop me before I do something I regret—I’m feeling crafty!

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