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A New Jersey Frozen Yogurt Chain Is Being Called 'The Hooters Of Froyo'

Ashley Lutz

A New Jersey frozen yogurt chain is being called the 'Hooters of froyo" because of its attractive staff. 

Cups Frozen Yogurt has 12 locations in New Jersey and New York, and is expanding quickly.

"The yogurt gets good reviews but the buzz comes from pounding music, a nightclub ambiance and arresting female staffers who have led some customers to dub this chain 'the Hooters of froyo,'" says Rick Newman at The Exchange

Featured flavors include strawberry banana, sweet coconut, and  pomegranate raspberry sorbet. 

Like Hooters, the company's logo is suggestive: 

cups frozen yogurt logo

Cups Frozen Yogurt

Photos on the franchise's Facebook page reveal the cute staffers: 

cups frozen yogurt

Cups' Facebook page

Modern storefront: 

cups frozen yogurt

Cups Facebook page

And, of course, the frozen yogurt: 

cups frozen yogurt

Cups Facebook page

Check out the company's website to see if there's a Cups franchise near you. 

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