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Jessica Biel Doesn’t Want Her and Justin Timberlake’s Son to Be an Actor

Jessica Biel dropped by Today, where she was asked the all-important question: Will she allow her and husband Justin Timberlake’s child, Silas, to get into show business. It may seem like the logical career path for the kid, given the combined acting, singing, and dancing skills of his parents, but Biel isn’t sold on the idea.

“It’s hard to say no because I was given so many opportunities, and my family was so supportive even when I was so young,” Biel said. ”But it’s hard to say yes because it’s such an intense experience. It’s a tough business. It’s a ruthless business.”

Biel knows all too well what it’s like to navigate the entertainment industry at a young age. She got her big break when she landed the role of Mary Camden on 7th Heaven at the age of 14.

“I would be hesitant if he was so young. I would say, ‘You know what? Please finish high school. Go to college. Then do whatever you want to do,’” said Biel.

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