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Jessica Simpson posts another viral pregnancy update: 'You poor girl!'

AOL.com Editors

Yes, Jessica Simpson is still pregnant.

The singer-turned-designer is expecting her third child with husband Eric Johnson, and her latest pregnancy update has fans asking if she's okay.

Simpson, 38, shared a photo of a polaroid that shows her in a crocheted bikini top and oversized sunglasses as she clutches her huge belly. 

"Jess-tation," she captioned the dimly-lit shot.

See the photo in the gallery below:

In the comments section of the post, fans were quick to express their astonishment that Simpson is still pregnant with her daughter, who she previously revealed she'll be naming Birdie. Simpson announced her pregnancy way back in September.

"Girl you are ready to pop," one user wrote. "Wishing you positive vibes til delivery and beyond."

"I feel for you it seems like you have been pregnant forever!!!" another person said.

"You poor girl," another remarked. "So swollen, but you still look gorgeous!"

"Ouch!! Hurts me, bc I’ve been there done that and know the stretch pain and know you’re probably ready for baby girl to be here," one her her other followers commented. "You're gorgeous! You’re almost there!"

Others gave her advice like "stay off your feet" and "get a lot of rest."

Simpson's latest update comes after months of difficulties throughout her third pregnancy. In addition to suffering from incredibly swollen feet and sciatica pain, the designer was also hospitalized with bronchitis four times in two months. Not only that, but there was also that time that she literally broke a toilet seat.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are already parents to Maxwell, 6, and Ace, 5.

See more photos of Jessica Simpson: