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Jessie James Decker on balancing and female empowerment

Michelle Scarr, AOL.com


Country star Jessie James Decker graced us with her presence at the Build Studio recently and dished on her latest projects and successes.

Fans in the crowd were thrilled to see the teaser for the long awaited third season of "Eric & Jessie". Decker revealed that although she had no intention of raising infants on a reality show, now is the perfect time to start filming again, as her kids were older. "We got to such a comfortable place in our lives and everything felt more stable that I felt more comfortable doing it," she said.

As she speaks about balancing her family, "Eric & Jessie", and her music career she told us, "I try to balance it as much as possible and with the show I wanted to showcase all the things that I've been doing because I am a busy mom and I want to show that women can do it all."

Decker also spoke about her number one country album, "Southern Girl City Lights". "It's weird, I've been working towards it for so long...I was this single girl in the city, trying to figure out who I am...and to come to this point, how much I've grown. I'm a woman now and it just feels really good and the music I have to offer now I'm even more proud of."

Decker goes along to say that one of her missions in all of her projects is to instill confidence in girls. "I don't want anyone to ever feel like they're alone ... don't let people make you feel that way. You're wonderful and you are beautiful."

"Southern Girl City Lights" is available on iTunes and catch Season 3 of "Eric & Jessie" on Wednesday nights at 10pm on E!