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Jets may have had no choice but to make trade to No. 3 now

Mike Florio

In a year when there’s no consensus as to the players who will or should be taken at the top of the draft, moving close to the top of the draft entails plenty of risk.

The Jets surely didn’t make the move from No. 6 to No. 3 in order to get the third pick. There’s a player they covet, and they think/hope that getting to No. 3 will get them the guy they want.

The Jets will now spend the next month and a half fretting over whether the guy they want will be there after the first two picks are made. Of course, they’ll keep that secret safe until the pick is made, and then they’ll say that’s the guy they wanted all along.

So why not wait to make the trade with the Jets until the pick is on the clock and the player is still there? The Colts may have insisted on doing the deal now, possibly because another team was willing to make the move now if the Jets didn’t. Possibly another team in the division that seems determined to move up and get a quarterback.

And the notion that the Bills would have moved now to No. 3 if the Jets hadn’t possibly may be more than a guess.