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The Jewish Daily Forward Embraces Video Curation With Magnify.net

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 6, 2013) -  The Jewish Daily Forward, the leading American media outlet serving the Jewish community, has launched a new video publishing initiative. The Forward, already a producer of original video reports, has added expanded English and Yiddish video channels to its websites, powered by Magnify.net, the market-leading creator of curation technology.

"For 116 years, The Forward has been a leader and innovator in American journalism, not just in the Jewish press," said Barry S. Surman, associate publisher of The Forward. "We're committed to delivering content in the many forms our increasingly diverse audience demands. Magnify.net will help us identify, organize and share relevant video from many sources, in the United States, Israel and around the world."

Video curation has rapidly emerged as an important technology for publishers to organize the enormous volume of unfiltered content on the web. As text, images and video merge on new tablets and smartphones, publishers are increasingly recognizing the value of editorially curated content video.

"A quick search of YouTube shows both the vast scale and overwhelming nature of raw video," said Magnify.net CEO Steven Rosenbaum. "Searching on the word 'Israel' on YouTube results in more than nine million videos. That is far more than an average user can comprehend."

Visitors to forward.com and yiddish.forward.com will find timely and contextually appropriate videos in connection with articles and blog postings, as well as playlists of videos selected from the web, complementing the sites' signature coverage of Jewish news, arts and culture, food, politics and ideas, women's issues and much more. 

Using Magnify.net's patented video curation technology, The Forward's websites can offer a robust mixture of created, collected and curated content.

"The Forward is an excellent partner to showcase our platform given its brand equity and the quality of its editorial team," Rosenbaum said. "The Forward fills the demand for topical and timely video content that the American Jewish audience seeks."

About Magnify.net

The Magnify.net platform currently provides a patented video curation and discovery of video and photos for more than 90,000 publishers, ecommerce sites and communities. Users can immediately deploy a Media 2.0 strategy by enabling them to leverage their best assets and combine them with those curated and uploaded by their community from across the social Web. U.S. patent # 8,117,545.

About The Jewish Daily Forward

The Jewish Daily Forward has been the home of independent, intelligent, committed Jewish journalism for 116 years. The Forward engages American Jews with their communities, their Jewish identities and Jewish culture through reporting, analysis and commentary, online and in print. The reader- and user-supported nonprofit today publishes two separate newspapers -- The Forward, weekly in English, and the Forverts, biweekly in Yiddish. Its websites are updated daily in both languages.