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JGM Properties Makes Available New Office Space For Rent In Eden Prairie

BLOOMINGTON, MN / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2015 / Bloomington, MN based commercial real estate rental firm JGM Properties has announced that they now have newly available office space for rent in the Eden Prairie area. The units available for rent can be seen online at http://www.jgmproperties.com/property/carlson-business-center/

Using this site, businesses can search by location, property type, and price to find a prime location. JGM Properties is seen as a unique company within this industry due to their special approach to customer service. The company makes the following statement: "JGM Properties, Inc. is a small, family-owned, commercial management company. Our management company strives to provide the best in customer service and care for our tenants. Each building we manage has its own partnership in which we are the managing partner. This allows us to carefully budget and maintain each one."

Eden Prairie office space for rent can be quite difficult to find, and JGM is urging businesses and professionals seeking new rental space to take advantage of their new vacancies and available locations while they still exist. While there may always be somewhere to settle down and create a workspace, not all offices are created equal, and the company has offered warnings that moving slowly could be costly in terms of finding something affordable and beautiful. The company mission supports this in saying: "Our mission is to provide an affordable, attractive, and professional home for businesses; in a friendly environment with a management team that caters to the changing needs and desires of its tenants."

Businesses looking to lease Eden Prairie office space are directed to use the leasing search form online. This search form provides JGM Properties with the necessary information on categories such as size, location, pricing, and other details to help them to match professionals and businesses up with the offices that are best suited for all of their needs.

Contact JGM Properties:

Eli Russell
1224 West 96th Street Bloomington, MN 55431

SOURCE: JGM Properties