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JGR Capital Partners Initiates Coverage on Zivo Bioscience, Inc.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2017 / JGR Capital Partners, a leading equity research firm, has announced it has initiated coverage on Zivo Bioscience (ZIVO) with a base case financial valuation of $.24 per share.

The full report can be found here: ZIVO Initiation

Zivo Bioscience (ZIVO) is a company dedicated to the research and development of naturally derived nutritional compounds and bioactive molecules from algae. Its focus is licensing algae-derived bioactive compounds for animal and human use in food, feed and pharmaceutical applications. ZIVO is also engaged in the development of nutritional products that may be produced or licensed for dietary supplement applications or as a medical food ingredient. A ZIVO subsidiary is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing tests that allow consumers to optimize personal health and identify future health risks via its WellMetris smartphone-enabled testing platform. The company is in the pre-revenue stage, but has strong backing from HEP Investments, a health sciences private equity firm.

Key Report Highlights:

ZIVO has an extensive intellectual property portfolio, with four US patents issued, in addition to a comprehensive platform strategy to proliferate algae-derived products in food, beverage, dietary supplement, pet food, food and feed additive, medicinal and topical market verticals.

ZIVO executed a positive restructuring agreement with private equity firm HEP Investments LLC to extend the maturity date of its senior secured convertible promissory notes and give the company access to short-term funding via the removal of approximately eight million dollars in short-term liabilities, positively affecting the balance sheet.

ZIVO unveiled an algae-based, vegan protein beverage product concept in November 2016. This is a major milestone for the company, as algae has the potential to become the next disruptive product in the beverage industry.

ZIVO continues its pharmaceutical research program, focused on combating bovine mastitis, a condition impacting dairy cows that costs US dairy producers almost $3 billion annually. In December 2016, the FDA sharply curtailed the use of antibiotics in dairy cows, forcing both producers and pharmaceutical companies to look for alternative solutions.

Animal feed ingredients represent a massive market and ZIVO recently entered into an agreement with NutriQuest to jointly pursue feed and additive solutions for poultry and swine nutrition. NutriQuest is an innovative leader in the animal nutrition industry.

Disclosures pertaining to this report can be found at www.jgrcapitalpartners.com. Zivo Bioscience has paid for this report as company sponsored research, which is meant to subsidize the high cost of creating the report and monitoring the security, the views in the report reflect that of JGR Capital Partners.

About Zivo Bioscience Inc.:

ZIVO Bioscience Inc., a U.S.-based R&D firm, is dedicated to the study, development and commercialization of natural nutritional compounds and bioactive molecules derived from proprietary algal strains.Uses for the ZIVO strain are wide-ranging, from non-GMO plant proteins and beneficial micronutrients for human consumption to companion animal supplements and livestock productivity.More information on Zivo Biosciences can be found at www.zivobioscience.com/

About JGR Capital Partners:

JGR Capital Partners is an international equity research firm that focuses on companies under $2 billion in market capitalization. The firm is headquartered in New York City, with affiliate offices in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai. JGR Capital Partners' team of experienced analysts form investment theses based on company and sector expertise, with a strict focus on fundamentals and valuation. For more information on JGR Capital Partners, visit our website at www.jgrcapitalpartners.com.

SOURCE: JGR Capital Partners