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Jhoombox Launches Official Kickstarter Campaign Today

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - September 16, 2013) - Jhoombox, recently nominated as one of of Tech Cocktail's Hottest Showcasing Startups, has officially launched their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today. The Android based "Smart TV" console has a Pandora-like interface with millions of karaoke songs available through the Amazon hosted cloud.

The creative entertainment content generator allows users to stream movies on Netflix, surf the web, Skype and play games. Jhoombox users can also record or film karaoke sessions for easy upload to major social networks like YouTube and Facebook. The console comes bundled with one microphone and one 2.4G wireless keyboard and air mouse controller.

Jhoombox CEO Rashid Moin explains, "We are amplifying the karaoke system for friends and family to create and share their favorite songs, while also allowing users to collaborate online, in real time, with other passionate Jhoombox users." Moin, recipient of CEA's Innovator Award, continues, "Our Android-based console is at the forefront of the next generation 'Smart TV' movement."

Selected to showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, Jhoombox has been beta tested with fifty consoles, has acquired FCC approval to be sold in the United States and is currently patent pending. 

To learn more about Jhoombox, visit their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or Google+

About Jhoombox:

Jhoombox is a Washington, D.C. based startup founded to help consumers enjoy millions of karaoke songs, live streamed movies, and interactive gaming-right from their television. At the forefront of the "Smart TV" movement, Jhoombox has worked to pioneer the ultimate socially connected, creative entertainment experience since 2011. Nominated as "One of DC's Hottest Showcasing Startups" by Tech Cocktail, you can learn more about Jhoombox here. 

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