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JinkoSolar Chaiman's Letter, 2016 and Beyond

SHANGHAI, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a letter from Mr. Li Xiande, Chairman of JinkoSolar:

Solar is no longer a "Back-up" energy, it's increasingly becoming an alternate primary energy, driven by the distinct trend of being more cost-effective. Solar is mankind's next energy resource.

2016 was a very challenging and emotional year. It was a year in which we set a lot of benchmarks –even though it wasn't an easy year. Despite the tough situations, we maintained our ambitious targets. And I am proud to say: We delivered more than we promised. We not only achieved our targeted unit sales, we rather surpassed them. This was extraordinary. 

At the same time, we posted solid earnings and sharpened our brand's profile in all continents: 6.6-6.7GW capacity and estimated sales will make us the "world's No.1 brand" this year. Our pioneering role in solar PV industry and exceeding 50% annual growth rate for consecutive 5 years enabled us to enter the 2016 Fastest Growing Companies by Fortune magazine, ranking No. 16. With world record-breaking technology, uncompromised quality and first-class service: The JinkoSolar logo stands tall for this premium promise worldwide, and our customers recognize it. In China, in the US, in Latin America, in Australia, in Turkey, in the UK, in South Africa, JinkoSolar was placed first in terms of product quality and customer services. The JinkoSolar LOGO now shines brightly across the world. 

And it doesn't end there; in fact, JinkoSolar is leading a major transformation in the global energy portfolio. The Energy industry is fundamentally re-ordering itself at an unprecedented pace. In response, JinkoSolar is proving to be much more than a "product" company, it is emerging as a "clean electricity and energy service" company. This is a whole new integrated model of innovation, manufacturing, distribution and energy. It provides an open environment for collaboration and rapid scaling, offering not only better products but also affordable electricity, and faster services.

We have now entered a new era in energy, and JinkoSolar is positioned to lead it. A historic moment like the 10-year anniversary exactly showcases JinkoSolar's unique character and capabilities in the field of energy. Jinko knows what is required to remain a leader, era after era, as Jinko strongly understands the requirements of energy transformation. 

"Solar is mankind's next energy resource." I made this bold prediction when the company was founded in 2006. Over the last 10 years, relying on this vision, the company has made many bold choices, all of which were proven right. "I hope you share our excitement about the company's 10-year path and the opportunity we have together to fulfill the purpose and the destiny of this great world and of this great company." 

Let's continue to work hard throughout 2017, Happy New Year!

Mr. Li Xiande, Chairman of JinkoSolar