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JMR Graphics Highlights 3 Benefits of Total Vehicle Wraps

NEW YORK, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- With the continued popularity of and effectiveness of vinyl vehicle graphics, JMR Graphics, a leading designer and manufacturer of 3M trailer graphics and vehicle wraps, highlights 3 benefits of total vehicle wraps.

Vinyl vehicle graphics provide a high return on investment with a low cost per impression capability. They are easy and affordable to update to accommodate changing business needs and help to brand businesses both locally as well as nationally. While there are cases where partial wraps work well and they certainly can save money while still delivering wide audience reach to drive traffic, full wraps make a huge impression and command attention. Here are three reasons full wraps are so effective.

  1. Full wraps make impressions from all angles. It's important to remember that often consumers may only see one part of a vehicle if it's driving by or parked somewhere. Full vehicle wraps increase impression potential by keeping brand visuals and information visually accessible from all angles.
  2. Full wraps have enormous creative capabilities. One of the great benefits of vehicle wraps is their ability to be customized to show a business' personality and to draw audience interest. From lifestyle images to logos, and from mirroring business color schemes to announcing promotions, vehicle wraps enable businesses to increase brand recognition, communicate brand identity, and serve as a canvas to create audience impact through compelling imagery. Full wraps provide a larger canvas so that images and vital information can pop with ample white space and still include vital contact and business information. Full wraps create a cohesive aesthetic that can mirror other marketing elements for greater branding potential.
  3. Full wraps deliver a strong message. A fully wrapped vehicle announces a few things to the audience. It provides visual confirmation of the legitimacy of a brand and establishes brand strength. Full wraps also communicate the business' message like a mobile billboard. Vehicle wraps are viewed when parked in lots or in front of business, when in traffic or stopped at lights, and as they drive by. More space means more marketing potential that can be more easily viewed from a distance or when in motion. Full wraps enable business' to go large with important CTA information, business mission statements, visuals, and contact information.

JMR Graphics is an award-winning Nationwide 3M Certified Manufacturer of Graphics with more than a quarter-century of experience. We specialize in branding companies through Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Architectural Wall Graphics, Promotional Window Clings, Floor Graphics, Event Signage, and much more. We offer a variety of 3M Graphics Films which are specially designed for most surfaces that require a changeable, short-term, or long-term application. Our exceptional "Turn Key Service" is backed with a 3M MCS Warranty to give you peace of mind when you need optimum performance for the intended life of your graphics. With our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge facility, we inspire our clients by providing creatively designed, custom-printed graphics and handle a network of nationwide installers. JMR Graphics provides expert capabilities and capacities needed to meet any graphic challenge.

Media Contact: Mike DeRicco, JMR Graphics, 1-800-378-6343, mike@jmrgraphics.com

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