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JMR Graphics Shares 3 Tips for Designing Trailer Graphics

NEW YORK, March 9, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- JMR Graphics is a leading designer and manufacturer of 3M trailer graphics and car wraps.

There's no question about it, vehicle graphics get seen. With the visual impact of a mobile billboard and a captivated audience, it's important to take the time to plan trailer graphics to grab attention and drive business traffic. JMR Graphics shares three tips for designing trailer graphics.

  1. Think big. Take advantage of such a large canvas by utilizing large and impressive graphics that command attention. Animations that are easy to associate with the brand and its purpose, the use of photography, and impactful typography can make a trailer a hugely successful marketing vehicle. Large, bold visuals will help the audience to remember the brand and will draw in the audience's eye.
  2. Make messages pop. With such a large palette, designing trailer graphics that convey a clear meaning, grab attention, and cause a response from the audience, is fairly easy. Ensure that text is in a clear and legible font, utilizes bold and contrasting color, and conveys a simple message. Keep text to the point with only the most pertinent information and CTAs, and surround it by sufficient "white space" so that it pops to the audience. Utilize colors that are associated with the type of business they represent and keep marketing efforts consistent across all advertising mediums.
  3. Provide a call-to-action. Giving the audience a call-to-action can range from indicating why the brand is important for people to use and how it will benefit them, or by providing a distinct and urgent call to use the brand for a particular promotion, event, or service. Use vinyl graphics to show off how a brand can help with a common need that many people have. An example of this could be a brand that highlights that they provide all-natural food with no additives or preservatives to chain grocers. Accompany messages with vibrant visuals to drive the point home in a quick and easy to consume way for easy readability while the truck drives by. This message gives the audience a clear reason to remember and look for the brand. It highlights what makes them special and shares an easy to remember visual to help solidify it in the audience's memory. Highlight the brand's website largely and boldly to give the audience a means of researching and contacting the business.

JMR Graphics is an award-winning Nationwide 3M Certified Manufacturer of Graphics with more than a quarter-century of experience. We specialize in branding companies through Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Architectural Wall Graphics, Promotional Window Clings, Floor Graphics, Event Signage, and much more. We offer a variety of 3M Graphics Films which are specially designed for most surfaces that require a changeable, short-term, or long-term application. Our exceptional "Turn Key Service" is backed with a 3M MCS Warranty to give you peace of mind when you need optimum performance for the intended life of your graphics. With our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge facility, we inspire our clients by providing creatively designed, custom-printed graphics and handle a network of nationwide installers. JMR Graphics provides expert capabilities and capacities needed to meet any graphic challenge.

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