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Is Joe Alwyn Under Too Much Pressure In His Relationship With Taylor Swift?

Sarah Veldman

Taylor Swift has had some hugely high profile relationships. From Harry Styles at the peak of One Direction fame to a brief, but a very public fling with Tom Hiddleston that saw them traveling around the world together.

Of course, fans find out Taylor's feelings on these relationships through her music, and it's not always difficult to figure out who she's referring to. Dear John anyone? Yes, we're looking at you John Mayer.

But her current relationship with Joe Alwyn has been kept much more private and out of the media spotlight compared to past trysts.


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They've Been Dating For A Long Time

They are such a private couple that nobody really knows exactly when the relationship started, however, Taylor being Taylor gave us a clue in her song 'Dress.' She sings, "Flashback to when you met me/ Your buzz cut/ And my hair bleached."

This had most fans convinced that their first meeting was at the 2016 MET Gala, which they both attended, and this was back when Taylor had bleach blonde hair.

Apparently, this was a big night for Taylor, as it was also at the MET Gala that she was seen dancing with Tom Hiddleston while she was still dating Calvin Harris. She certainly wasted no time!

They Hid The Relationship Well

While Taylor was spotted by paparazzi going to see Joe's film Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk in November 2016, it's still hard to use this as proof they had even met yet.

In May 2017 we were finally graced with an official confirmation of the relationship from The Sun. A source told the paper, "Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship."

They continued, "Taylor has flown in via private jets and her security has made it a military-like mission to prevent her from being seen." While this would help keep the relationship private, it seems quite heavy for someone like Joe, who isn't used to the glare of paparazzi cameras in his face.

Taylor Is Besotted With The British Actor

While the difficulties of keeping things secret could put a lot of pressure on their relationship, Taylor is completely enamored with Joe, and engagement rumors have even flown around after the release of her most recent album Lover.

Joe was clearly the inspiration for many of the most romantic songs, especially the song "Lover." In it, Taylor sings quite a bit about marriage, rings, and proposals. Who knows? The couple is so discreet they could have already been engaged for ages now, and none of us would know.

How Does Joe Alwyn Feel About Pressure From The Media?

What about the media pressure? Apparently Joe is actually quite relaxed about it, and takes it in stride. He recently told Entertainment Tonight, “I just don’t really engage with anything that I don’t want to engage with. And so, if there’s any kind of extra noise about things that I’m not so interested in, I’ll just turn it off. And so it just disappears, to a degree."

Well, that sounds like the best way to deal with tabloids, and we're thrilled Taylor has found someone that can handle all that pressure.