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Joe Biden stars in 6-second graduation selfie video

Former Vice President Joe Biden gives Brieana Carter a kiss on the cheek during her graduation from Morgan State University on May 20. (Brieana Carter/Instagram)

Former Vice President Joe Biden didn’t lose his ability to become the talk of Twitter when he left office. Biden found himself all over social media once again when he kissed a graduate on the cheek in a Snapchat video after giving a commencement address at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Brieana Carter, who is known as @beautyyallure_ on Instagram, posted the video on Wednesday. In it, Carter appears to be taken completely off guard by Biden’s kiss and screams in excitement.

Carter told NBC BLK that she received extra attention from the former vice president because he felt bad that her phone had malfunctioned during her two previous attempts to take a photo with him while crossing the stage.

“He kissed me on the cheek because I’m cute and because my phone wasn’t working,” Carter added.

Carter knew that the video was Internet gold, but waited over four weeks after the graduation ceremony to post it.

“Everyone was posting their graduation pictures and celebrating so I wanted to let the graduation hype die down before I posted,” she told NBC BLK.

Carter, a native of Englewood, N.J., graduated from Morgan State with a degree in science and business administration on May 20.


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