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Joe Girardi gently cleans off plate for umps two days after tirade

Every great story has three parts: The beginning, the middle and the end. The hero gets introduced and goes on a journey in the beginning, runs into a conflict in the middle and finds a resolution at the end.

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Let’s use New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi as an example. His story began when he set out to lead the Yankees to another World Series championship this year.

On Saturday, our hero faced some adversity. It came in the form of an umpire who made some calls Girardi didn’t particularly enjoy. Girardi didn’t respond too kindly, screaming at the man and kicking dirt on home plate. He was promptly ejected from the contest. This was our hero’s conflict.

On Monday, Girardi got his shot at a happy ending. When lineups were being exchanged prior to the Yankees’ game against the Kansas City Royals, the umps called Girardi out for an opportunity to redeem himself.

At first, he seemed unsure. Was this an elaborate trap set to ruin our hero, or a chance for him to emerge victorious? After some deliberation, Girardi confidently approached the new umpiring crew with a smile on his face.

Joe Girardi cleaned the plate before Monday’s game as a peace offering to the umps. (MLB.com Screenshot)

Seconds later, he was gently wiping dirt off the plate as a peace offering. Girardi was able to have fun with the whole thing, smirking as he walked away from the group. As he got to the dugout, he received a thumbs up from one of the umps. If this was the climactic battle, our hero was victorious!

The Yankees went on to win the game 4-2, but we can’t really call that the happy ending. Girardi’s ultimate journey isn’t done just yet, but will continue to unfold over the next few months. You’ll have to buy the sequel … or just keep watching the television adaptations … to see how this one really ends.

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