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Joely Richardson Fascinated by Nicolas Cage's 'Huge Fan Base'

Alan Blake
Joely Richardson

Joely Richardson may not have been the ‘Color Out of Space’ star you know without Nicolas Cage’s hand! The actress is starring in the film believed to be an inspiration from the 1927 story by H.P Lovecraft. The horrific tale has been appearing on the screens since the ‘Die Monster, Die!’ of 1965.The 55-year-old actress who is no new to challenges took over the career as a path shaped by her family. She has, over the years, made a remarkable success in the film industry in an array of roles.

Joely Richardson

Richardson’s success is no surprise given her mom Vanessa Redgrave is an Oscar-Award winner. Her father and siblings had also been in the industry before their 2009 perish in an accident. In an interview with the fox, Richardson, at one time, revealed her other side as an actor who is always ready to reach out when a need arises.Joely opened up about how she once helped a dying man while filming her great series ‘The Rook.’ While shooting at an entrance, a splash had resulted, and a man went off the bridge.

The actress also talked about rendering her help to her late sister’s husband and sons after Natasha Richardson’s death. The actress is among the filmmakers who have had a chance to work along with the movie star Nicolas Cage. Speaking to Fox News about her experience with him, she describes Nick as an excellent actor who has become quite an icon.Richardson was fascinated by the large fan base that Cage had, especially with the young generation. Her daughter was among the young age that knew Cage and confessed to loving him a lot.

Joely Richardson posing for a picture

Although Richardson’s career seems to be a total success at 55, she agrees that she has faced ups and downs. According to her, any individual who has lived for some time has had high and low moments when it comes to one’s work. However, she terms her case as a bit different, since she has a couple of other things to do aside filming.Richardson is also into television and theatre, which gives her a break from the films, and believes she has been lucky.

Nicolas Cage

The ‘Color out of Space’ film appears to have it all in the actress’s experiences. Richardson had been feeling sick as she read through the script. Fevers were all she felt and, in some way, did not get it. However, she thought what a fascinating actor Nick was and decided to reach out to the director. The ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ in which he was involved was what stirred her up. After watching the documentary, Richardson only reaffirmed what a great guy he was. She had listened to numerous voices, and his voice nailed it about his integrity.