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John Cleese Tried Using His Autobiography as ID (and Failed)

On the British talk show The Last Leg, legendary comedic actor John Cleese recounted the time he attempted to use his autobiography, So, Anyway…, as ID at a Miami hotel.

British comedian John Cleese poses with a copy of his autobigraphy,  So, Anyway…, at a book signing in London in 2014. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Cleese said that he’d forgotten his shoes in the spa after getting a massage at the hotel. The hotel called Cleese in his room and offered to bring the shoes to him. Sounds simple enough, but it wasn’t that easy. A hotel employee brought the shoes to his room and even called him “Mr. Cleese,” but then asked for ID.

Cleese responded, “Well, you got my room number and you know my name, because you called me Mr. Cleese.”

Still, the hotel employee insisted on seeing Cleese’s ID. Fortunately, Cleese had his book handy, which has his picture and name on it, and he held it next to his head. Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough, and the employee still needed to see formal identification.

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