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John McAfee Trolls Winklevii on Bitcoin, Says Cameron Is ‘True Power’

Francois Aure
John McAfee is doubling down on his bitcoin $1 million price prediction, leaving Tyler Winklevoss' $15,000 forecast in the dust. | Source: Flickr

By CCN Markets: You might think that Tyler Winklevoss has gotten ahead of himself by predicting the bitcoin price could cross $15,000 if it surpasses the $10,000 level. That is unless your name is John McAfee, in which case that forecast is absurdly low.

McAfee is doubling down on his bullish price prediction, saying that BTC $100,000 will open the floodgates for the cryptocurrency to power higher to $1 million. Unfortunately for the Winklevii, that wasn’t the end of the trolling.

John McAfee, Winklevoss, Bitcoin

McAfee Names Cameron Winklevoss as the ‘True Power’

McAfee took it a step further by tweeting an image of “Bitcoin Billionaires” with a personal message from the twins to the “living legend.” The cybersecurity expert pointed out that Tyler has more Twitter followers than his brother but Cameron’s handle (@winklevoss) gives him more power. Tyler had a good sense of humor about it.

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