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John Oliver rips inappropriate coverage of International Women's Day

On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the host ripped companies’ shameless, patronizing pandering to women on International Women’s Day. Some McDonald’s stores turned the trademark Golden Arches upside down to look like a W, which caused Oliver to wonder if every other day is Men’s Day. Porsche dimmed letters in its logo to spell “SHE.” And Brawny ran a “Who’s your shero?” campaign.

“Now, the only problem with that,” Oliver said, “is that we consulted some linguistics experts, and it turns out — and this is true — that there’s already a word for ‘women heroes’ and it’s the word ‘heroes.’ It’s a little like the word ‘sheroes,’ only it’s not stupid and it is a word.”

Mattel recently released Barbie dolls based on inspiring women, one being Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whom Salma Hayek portrayed in the 2002 movie Frida. Oliver didn’t have anything against the Barbies but against a newscaster who got a little too excited at the thought of Hayek.

“It was a segment about women’s empowerment, children’s toys, and a long-dead artist,” Oliver said. “But he decided, ’I can perv out on this. I will perv out on this.’”

Oliver also had quite an interesting interpretation of the Women’s Day speech given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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