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Johnathan Dane: 6 Key Takeaways From KlientBoost's Journey to $10 Million ARR

COSTA MESA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2020 / Johnathan Dane, founder and CEO of KlientBoost, was always wired a little differently.

In his first entry-level customer service gig, Johnathan worked on the company's AdWords account in between calls. He managed to boost their profile significantly and parlayed that into the company sponsoring him to go to a two-day seminar in LA with Brad Geddes. After that, he began work as a consultant.

That pioneering spirit served him well as he struck out on his own.

He found a full-time job by the time he finished college, but Johnathan Dane always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Agency work wasn't what he wanted to do but he kept coming back to it. And once he started KlientBoost, no matter how much he wanted to give up sometimes, he stuck to it. It was originally meant to be a SaaS company but pivoted back to being an agency.

KlientBoost went from an idea for a SaaS company to an innovative, interesting and distinct PPC and CRO company. It's taken some time, but they were able to grow their ARR to $10 million recently by implementing some of these unique strategies and takeaways.

1. Great Content > Lots of Content

"When we first started out, we were trying to post three times a week," says Dane.

"But we noticed it wasn't getting the traction we wanted. What we've done since is focus on skyscraper content - articles that go so much further in depth than our competitors do that we become the go-to source for backlinks and information. That's massively increased our effectiveness.

The Skyscraper technique has been used to great effect in SEO for years, but it really pays dividends for companies like KlientBoost that have unique, actionable steps to take. They offer a long and detailed breakdown of every strategy and case study.

2. Distinctive Design Pays Dividends

KlientBoost's first hire was a designer, and they went through three iterations of the website in the first year to get the look and feel right. The end result was a distinctive look that's instantly recognizable.

"I love design," says Dane. "But it has to serve a purpose. We feel like design is inseparable from content. If you go to our site you see plenty of interesting, well-written content, but you also see infographics and a very distinct visual language across everything we do. Our job is to make it simple, recognizable and actionable."

The simple, bold blue and white makes KlientBoost one of the most distinctive sites in its field and it pays dividends making the pages recognizable for people that navigate through.

3. Use Other People's Domain Authority

KlientBoost didn't have any authority to speak of when it started, so it relied on other people's guest posts as a primary traffic driver. Creating guest posts allowed them to build up backlinks fast and start capitalizing on Google's algorithm.

Guest posting may not be the powerhouse it was in the early days of the blogosphere, but it's still an effective way to get your name out. And that guest posting was the catalyst for KlientBoost's early growth.

4. Automate What You Can

Creative work is hard or even impossible to automate, but you can automate large segments of everything else. Numbers, media buying and tracking can be taken care of by bots as well as or better than humans.

But when you get into the nitty gritty of conversion rate optimization, creativity matters. Writing interesting copy, designing quality display ads … those things can't be hand off to a few lines of code.

5. Prioritize Lead Generation

An agency's own worst enemy can be itself sometimes. The old proverb about the cobbler's children going barefoot applies just as much to agencies as anything else. You might start off well with referrals and clients, but without a constant stream of new leads you'll stagnate and lose clients. And you definitely won't grow.

"Lead generation was one of our biggest priorities," says Dane.

"If you want a functioning agency you have to be able to scale, and that's impossible without revenue. We had to focus on the avenues we knew would build up our leads, and for us that meant content marketing. Our content brought people who started knocking down our door."

Different industries will have different structures, but regardless of the industry you have to be able to create a pipeline of new leads that feeds your business.

6. Start With the Basics

There are tons of technical details that you can use to optimize PPC and do CRO, but sometimes you just have to get started. "You can get really in depth," Dane says.

"But honestly if you have a plan and a process in place for every new client, you'll find that a lot of them are doing it so badly that you can massively increase their success rate just doing that before any custom stuff. We do the basics first. Then we move on to the hard parts. Don't get the cart before the horse."

Klientboost isn't the first agency to focus on PPC and CRO, and it won't be the last. But their quality of work, their unique content marketing and their strong web presence have built them a dedicated following.

Use these tips to build your own business and capitalize on the experience they've had.

Media Details
Name: Johnathan Dane
Email: johnathan@klientboost.com
Company: KlientBoost
Website: https://klientboost.com/
Telephone: (877) 501-3447

SOURCE: KlientBoost

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