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The Jonas Brothers Slapped With $150,000 Lawsuit

Ryan Naumann

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas have been hit with a massive lawsuit accusing them of ripping off an artist.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jonas Brothers Enterprises LLC along with each brother personally are being sued by Michele Eve Sandberg.

Sandberg is a” professional photographer in the business of licensing her photographs to online and print media for a fee.”

The suit claims Sandberg, “photographed the pop-rock band The Jonas Brothers kicking off their Happiness Begins Tour at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.”


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She also took out a copyright on the photographs of The Jonas Brothers. Sandberg accuses The Jonas Brothers of taking her work and then plastering it on their social media accounts.

The suit adds, “Defendants ran the Photograph on the Websites as marketing to promote their band. Defendants did not license the Photograph from Plaintiff for its Websites, nor did Defendants have Plaintiff’s permission or consent to publish the Photograph on its Websites. The Websites combined received 2,167,802 Likes.”

Sandberg accuses Nick, Joe and Kevin of copyright infringement and believes they profited off her work.

“Plaintiff is entitled to statutory damages up to $150,000 per work infringed for Defendants willful infringement of the Photograph”

The suit is seeking an injunction against the Jonas Brothers from using her photographs and $150,000 per infringement.

The suit comes days after Justin Bieber was sued by a paparazzi over similar claims. Gigi Hadid is also facing a separate lawsuit by a photographer for posting a photo of her ex-boyfriend, Zayn Malik, on her Instagram story