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Jonathan and Drew Scott respond to 'SNL's' Property Brothers' spoof, 'The Fliplets'

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

If we all pool our money together, can we convince Ryan Gosling to launch a show on HGTV?

Probably not, but "Saturday Night Live" gave us the next-best option during its 43rd premiere: "The Fliplets" is like "Property Brothers" with just a bit more drama.

"I'm Pete. I've been a licensed realtor since I was eighteen," Pete (Mikey Day) begins, as Zeke (Alex Moffatt) adds, "The name's Zeke, and I've been flipping houses for the past twelve years."

Enter Tristan (Ryan Gosling): "I'm Tristan, and when our parents divorced, I was the only one who went to live with our dad."

Jonathan and Drew Scott were both cautiously appreciative of the skit: "Haha," Jonathan tweeted in response to the video. "I guess I retire now? Thanks @nbcsnl."

Drew, a contestant on this season's "Dancing with the Stars," retweeted his brother's lukewarm response.

Watch SNL's "The Fliplets" below: