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Jordan Zimmermann avoids serious injury being hit in face with 105 mph liner

Detroit Tigers pitcher Jordan Zimmermann miraculously avoided a serious injury after taking a scary line drive to the face during Wednesday’s game against the Cleveland Indians.

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Zimmermann was facing just his second batter when Cleveland’s Jason Kipnis hit a 105 mph comebacker that struck the side of his face. The ball was hit with such velocity, it ricocheted all the way to first base, where Miguel Cabrera actually caught the ball for an out.

The outcome mattered little to anyone watching. The immediate concern turned to Zimmermann, who was face down on the pitching mound and in a lot of pain.

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann lays on the mound after getting hit by a line drive off the bat of Cleveland Indians’ Jason Kipnis. (AP)

The athletic trainer from the Tigers dugout rushed to Zimmermann’s side to administer aid. After a few minutes, Zimmermann sat up and then walked off the field under his own power.

According to the Tigers, a preliminary exam revealed a jaw contusion. Zimmermann also passed a concussion test and no fractures were found on x-ray.

Whenever we see a pitcher hit by a line drive it’s a concerning situation. That’s especially true when the pitcher is struck in the head or face. For Zimmermann, it undoubtedly brought back scary memories from his college days, when he suffered a broken jaw under the same circumstances.

Fortunately, Wednesday’s incident was far less serious. Zimmermann himself expects to make his next scheduled start this weekend, and we’re all rooting for that to be the case.

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