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Jorge Arevalo Discusses Four Tips for Rising Entrepreneurs

·4 min read

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2021 / The new year always presents an opportunity to both reflect on past experiences that were critical in our development as professionals and leaders and draw from those insights to shape our future.

Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability. Whether you're new to the business world or a seasoned veteran, you should always be looking for opportunities to grow and develop your acumen and expertise. For Jorge Arevalo, founder and CEO of eCombustible, his entrepreneurial journey has been one of endless innovation and sustained research toward safer and more efficient technology in order to build solutions for the future.

Jorge Arevalo's entrepreneurial venture has been marked by perseverance, skill and perpetual learning. He sought to realize a simple idea: develop a hydrogen-based fuel that outperformed all available fuel sources in a more efficient and economical way to generate cost savings and to reduce harmful carbon emissions. What began as a professional curiosity turned into an innovative, efficient and economic offering for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

As an entrepreneur, committing to a project that you are passionate about can be all-consuming. "There's no doubt that running a business takes time and a lot of focus," says Jorge Arevalo. "No one succeeds immediately, and everyone was once a beginner. But if you manage your energy wisely, know your goals and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you will see results."

The following are four tips that have guided Jorge Arevalo's entrepreneurial successes.

1. Look ahead and see opportunity

We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing era. As markets fluctuate, consumer demands shift, and technologies advance, responding and reacting to these disruptions is a core responsibility of an entrepreneur. Beyond decision-making, successful leadership across all areas becomes learned and instinctive over a period of time. As leaders have mastered the art of "making things happen," most leaders view this as an opportunity to identify trends, provide space for experimentation and seek what works best for their businesses.

When it comes to innovating in any industry, obstacles and setbacks are frequent. Jorge Arevalo and his team had to maintain a positive outlook to keep momentum for the project. By conducting hundreds of rounds of testing and research, Jorge Arevalo and his team of engineers chiseled away at progress in order to release the final solution to the public.

2. Articulate your unique value proposition

Building a great product or business idea does not always guarantee success. A business does not grow if people don't understand its offering or value. As such, it is critical that entrepreneurs spend time developing a well-articulated value proposition that separates them from the competition and emphasizes the business's top qualities.

\To create an impactful unique value proposition, start by researching your target audience -- whether that be a type of consumer or B2B industry target. You must understand their needs, pain points and goals to align your proposition to the target customer. Then follow by making a list of the needs and gaps that customers will most likely satisfy by doing business with you. To communicate this value with specificity and clarity, use language that resonates with your core audience to make the proposition tangible.

3. Build upon your passion

The word "passion" is sometimes overused in business, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, it's a necessity. According to Jorge Arevalo, you must be passionate about what you build, because you will spend most of your time working to improve it. Therefore, passion is often a differentiating factor between success and failure for an entrepreneur.

"Remember, however, passion is just the starting place," cautioned Jorge Arevalo. "Passion without hard work, diligence and skill is wasted potential. Entrepreneurs that succeed use their passion to fuel their drive and innovation. It's what gets them out of bed in the morning and keeps them working late at night."

4. Allocate and deploy strong talent

Surrounding yourself with an effective team alleviates the pressure to oversee every detail of operations. Focus on building a team that shares your goals and values, so that everyone can trust each other to execute their various tasks or services. In addition, one effective way to replenish and reinforce your supply of smart and experienced team members is to build your networks and create relationships with partners, so that way they can always think of you for employee referrals and recommendations.

To build an all-star group of team members, first identify the voids in your company to best satisfy those needs with your next hires. When looking for strong team members, focus on the people that thrive on solving problems and overcoming adversity as they will most likely be no strangers to obstacles.
Finally, the key to staying motivated as an entrepreneur is to frequently remind yourself of the reason why you embarked on this journey. By using the tools above, entrepreneurs like Jorge Arevalo have managed to stay positive and practice resilience to reach goals and stand above competitors.


Andrew Mitchell

SOURCE: Jorge Arevalo

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